Thursday, 5 August 2021

Exit X

 Remarkably I found out that the X factor is to be no more [normally this type of "news" completely passes me by😄], but formats get stale. I did actually watch the first couple of series years ago [Big Brother too way back at the beginning too], but I have a low boredom threshold and soon moved onto pastures new. With the show's demise it does give me the perfect excuse to share this rather snarky quote from Samuel Taylor Coleridge on this very matter🦢

"Swans sing before they die...'t were no bad thing should certain persons die before they sing".



  1. I've only watched short bits and pieces over the years on Youtube; I'm fairly certain I couldn't sit through a whole one! lol

  2. I haven't watched a whole Got Talent, or X Factor, in it's entirety, but I do click on the compilation vids on yooohoootooob. Short bursts suit me, and some of the contestants are very talented.

  3. I have started the fifth season of Downton Abbey. I haven't watched in a couple of weeks now. It's gotten pretty stale.


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