Thursday, 9 April 2020

Getting the straight bits.

The law of sod decrees that no matter how carefully and mindfully you go through the all the jigsaw pieces to find the straight edged ones for the outside you will always miss one. Isn't it amazing how then the brain is able to focus in on the tiniest of details to give you a clue as to where they might belong. There's lots of differing opinions as to what constitutes a good puzzle too isn't there! For practical reasons we remain between 750-1000 piece range [basically as big as our puzzle board] as we can only do them on the dining table and we need to be able to move it off to eat there. We favour brightly coloured examples with lots of details to get our teeth into...I'm afraid I haven't got the patience for anything that doesn't match the picture on the front, 3D, repetitive ones [am not going to waste my life doing one of baked beans!] etc etc.

One of our favourites is the work of the cartoonist Mike Jupp...he combines lots of clever ideas with corny puns and just the right level of saucy seaside postcard humour. I was rather pleased to recently discover he is a Sussex man and thinking about it there are often references to the local coastline.

On the go at the moment is this verdant gem....we have an orange version which I did last year.

I am enjoying doing it little by little, but imagine my surprise when I came downstairs one morning earlier in the week to be faced with this....

A certain black furry "helper" had apparently completed the frame overnight and was waiting in the full expectation of a replenished bowl by way of thanks!! He didn't get rewarded for his efforts I'm afraid.