Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Please take one!

I loved this kind gesture left outside a house in Shalford last week. Unfortunately we were travelling too far and the flowers would have wilted in the car before we got home, so I left them for others to enjoy.

There will be a bit of a hiatus in blogging this week as we're off on a little celebratory break. Back soon! 



  1. It is so nice when people put their excess stuff out side for others to enjoy!.At the min I have free cooking apples from my cousins garden,blackberries from my sisters garden and plums from my Mams neighbour.I have given them all a packet of biscuits to say thank you!.Hope that you enjoy your break!,xx

    1. It's a nice thing to be able to do too. We gave some surplus homegrown veg to our neighbours recently.

  2. Well enjoy...I have a basket which I regularly pass to our neighbours full of homegrown offerings...A really good feeling! x