Wednesday 17 July 2024

Back to the town of painted doors and alleycats

 💕Ah Tewkesbury💕

Do you know what...I flipping love this town with all its curios and layers of history. It is entirely down to Mythago and our annual trip to dance at the Medieval Festival that I've been here, but every time it has something new to offer. The weekend was amazing and with a change to our schedules we found we all had more time to explore and see different things. Personally I enjoy the quiet slot on the Friday afternoon when the others are busy putting up their tents [we always stay in a hotel] and then again on the Monday morning before we head back for home. Please do feel free to come and join us. The artwork I've shown are more pieces from the Project Alleycat which I featured here and more have been added as funding targets have been reached.

It truly is a place where it pays to keep your eyes peeled and please do go up some of those alleys....they are filled with treasures you will miss otherwise.


Thursday 11 July 2024

Peace and Love

 Peace and love...two things the world needs more than ever. I saw the painted house when I was away recently and came across these two beautiful windows in a very local church which I have been to before, but somehow they had escaped my notice.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. We are away dancing once again.


Wednesday 10 July 2024

No Bull

 My parents sent me one of their holiday snaps this week....unlike other people who receive such things mine was of the sign for 'Squeezeguts Alley' [it's very narrow] in Truro because they thought that their daughter might like it. Too right I flipping loved it. In their defence I should say that they took this one to share with me- their usual snaps are of beautiful things they've seen. Friends also keep a look-out for me as they know how much I appreciate it.

This is my latest offering...sometimes I go deliberately hunting, but it's more often a chance encounter. All I was doing was turning the car round before I started work. My brain couldn't quite fathom what my eyes were telling me to start with. It makes a welcome variation to the more normal 'beware of the bull' version I see!


Sunday 7 July 2024

Making a trunk call.

 I remembered from my one and only visit to Bishop's Castle how much I enjoyed the place. It's alternative without trying too hard and has lots of independent shops to poke about in. The castle bit dates back to a motte and bailey one from 1085 [or 1087 depending on the source you read] which was upgraded by one of the Bishops of Hereford at some point further down the line to a more substantial affair to keep the Welsh at bay. Its history though stretches back beyond its Medieval roots as it's sited on the Kerry Ridgeway, a Bronze Age route. The settlement grew up around a junction of old drovers's roads which must have brought a great variety of travellers to stay and at times it's been partly in Wales. One of its claims to fame is that it has the oldest brewery [The Three Tuns established in 1642] and maybe one it's no longer so proud to claim is that Robert Clive [Clive of India] represented the town when it was a rotten borough. Part of Clive's coat of arms is an Indian elephant and this theme is now celebrated in the fairly new March of the Elephants trail. It should be noted that the scheme is a celebration of all things pachyderm not the man. Aside from the connection to Clive we weren't aware of this at the time and were simply enjoying the elephant related artwork as we wandered about. More by luck than design we did actually see a fair few of them🐘

This elephant is on the outside of the Six Bells pub and is by Nancy Farrington. We did patronise this establishment, but weirdly for gelato which they sell alongside beer on the premises!

Entwined elephants is by Chris Groombridge.

Marching elephants by Bamber Hawes

Another one by Bamber Hawes.

This final one is by Grace Jandrell and is on the Elephant Gate. It's in memory of the stable which once stood here and housed a live elephant during WWII!

With a son, who in his younger years, had a much loved and treasured collection of elephants which saw him through many upsets I remain incredibly fond of them.


Thursday 4 July 2024

Far up above our heads....

 ...lurked this fellow in the CCT church of St Mary's in Shrewsbury. The volunteer very kindly shone her torch upon this fellow high up and barely visible to the naked eye. Mr GBT is a dab hand with a long lens and we were able to show the lady the detail of him as she'd never seen a close-up shot before. I mentioned in passing that this is the first greenman I've seen in what seems like rather a long time. She too shares my passion and used to lead spiritual tours round the non Christian sacred sites in the country. It's always good to find a kindred spirit❤

Have a great weekend folks. 


Sunday 30 June 2024

Scare Crow

 There's been a lot of miles covered by the GBT crew these past few weeks....I have loved every minute of it with all the new experiences and places I've been, but it's been fabulous to simply stay very local this weekend. That doesn't mean that it's been a total choresfest [we have been able to catch up on lots of small things which has been handy] though by any means...yours truly trundled four miles up the road to seek out a local scarecrow trail which is being run as part of the village fete. Perhaps because scarecrows are, by their very nature, scruffy and rough looking people are more inclined to have a go. As ever there was great ingenuity shown with a reimagining of all sorts of unexpected items!

First things first someone went for a literal interpretation for we do have here I believe a scare crow [actually a rather friendly looking crow if you ask me]

I heeded Humpty's warnings and waited until I was safely across the threshold before I cracked open a bottle of wine. I didn't expect any dire consequences as I only had the one glass full.

This baby was suspended out of a top floor bedroom window.

Don't know about this one, but this one poking over the gate gave me the fright of my life!

Finally one which has cleverly taken the name of the village and run with it😁 Years ago the local paper managed to cook up a whole April fool story about the toothpaste mines here.

Half an hour of simple pleasure in the sunshine.


Thursday 27 June 2024

The beauty of a window

 I came across this window when I was away....the colours took my breath away💙💚

Hope you have a peaceful weekend with much joy.


Back to the town of painted doors and alleycats

 💕Ah Tewkesbury💕 Do you know what...I flipping love this town with all its curios and layers of history. It is entirely down to Mythago an...