Wednesday 29 June 2016

Rebel With A Cause.

The Egg Marketing Board was set up by the government in 1956 to stabilise and prop up the market. Every egg was graded to a national standard and stamped with the lion mark. However, not everybody took kindly to being told what to do......

This is an egg vending machine which allowed farmers to sell their produce directly from their farms. Wholly mechanical it could hold up to 100 boxes of eggs and not needing electricity, allowed it to be utilised in the remotest of areas. The eggs were neither sized nor stamped. Eventually the machines were used for selling other farm produce and as for the Egg Marketing Board? It ceased to exist in 1971.


Tuesday 28 June 2016


See the word "homemade" and maybe you think of something food or craft related. In this day and age most people buy what they need and if it breaks probably buy a replacement. This version of homemade and what people are capable of takes it to a whole new level.

Personally I know my own limitations and building a tractor is definitely way beyond them. I instead will continue to make my bags from old net curtains which are for me to use at the supermarket so that I can continue to reduce my use of plastic.


Monday 27 June 2016

Sunday 26 June 2016

Turbulent Times

I voted but I did not/have not discussed my decision with others. Whichever way you chose you were entitled to do so.... we all like to think we're right but nobody broke the law if they voted differently to you. The result is in and I think personally it would be far better if we concentrated on building bridges rather than barriers so that we can move forwards supporting one another and standing against the racist haters as we move forwards into new and unchartered waters. For now though I think I might drop below the parapet once again until the dust has settled.


Saturday 25 June 2016

Lucky Sew and Sew!

Several months ago I received a text from chum E asking me to get her a cantilevered sewing box from a charity shop should I ever spot one on my rummages. Now I had no idea even what one of them was but dear old Google soon put me right.

Time passed but eventually I spotted a likely contender when I was dashing in and out. Noting the price I simply sent her a message to say I'd found one and where it was if she still wanted it. Within half an hour I'd had a reply to say she'd got it. No mean feat considering she lives outside the town on the far side...her daughters were a little bemused as she simply stopped what she was doing, leapt in the car and zoomed off without a word of explanation. Good deed done.

The photo however, is not of hers it's of mine...won this week on freecycle. I had bid on a couple of sewing boxes over the years but never been lucky. Strangely though I remained quite convinced that eventually this would change....I am delighted to say my hunch has proved to be right and it's now sitting proudly in my front room full of sewing notions.


Thursday 23 June 2016

Frightful but delightful!

So there I was pottering around the high altar in our local church last week gawping at the artistry of the florists [see yesterday's post if you're wondering what on earth I'm wittering on about!] when I happened to glance up.....only to get the shock of my life.... this pair of eyes staring down at me.

Now I should explain that I would have been far less surprised if I was in a church that was unfamiliar to me. As a church crawler you never know what to expect, but when it's on your home turf in a building you "think" you know [I got married there in 1993]. Well knock me down with a feather....I honestly thought I'd explored this place from top to bottome. I'd already discovered whimsical faces and grotesques on the outside and later on a crocodile and bear on the steeple which a friend pointed out to me. I really believed that the ceiling inside was just a mass of foliage, angels and flowers. All very pretty but not in the quirky category I favour and I had looked before. Clearly I hadn't followed my own maxim though...the one that states nose in corners and up against beams. In fact anywhere which is difficult to spot! A return trip with Mr GBT and his decent camera turned up trumps. I don't know how old they are but there was a lot of work done in the Victorian era so they may date from then.

Some of them are a tad on the creepy side but I am still buzzing. Ever so slightly delighed..woohoo!


Wednesday 22 June 2016

Around the World in Eighty Bouquets

What's a girl to do when her client has visitors so has cancelled her usual housesparkling slot....why this one grabbed her camera and headed off on Shank's Pony down the town to run a few errands and see what's what. You saw the photos of the current museum exhibition earlier this week and only a hop and a skip down to the local church brought me to this...the annual flower show. The theme this year was "The World" and each arrangement made a nod to the country it was representing both in colour choice and decorative detail. As ever the standard was very high and the icing on the cake was an exciting discovery which I shall put up in another post.

Antarctica and Iceland

India and Russia

Some of our European cousins- Poland [I spotted the tiny mouse at the bottom amongst the gerberas!] and the clever depiction of the Italian flag.

With no prizes for guessing which country this one is for! I took many more but a taster will suffice methinks!


Tuesday 21 June 2016

Summer Solstice 2016

Solstice blessings to all those who celebrate the old ways.


This painting is "The Fairy Wood" painted by Henry Meynell Rheam and was painted in 1903. An image apt for the Midsummer [It is in the public domain and can therefore be reproduced without infringing copyright]

Monday 20 June 2016

A Light On The Tiles

"Transforming Light and Shadow" is the title of the latest exhibition at our local museum and it's showcasing the work of various ceramicists. Lack lustre it's not.

Stunning work and very much to my taste. The lamp base below was my personal favourite. Sadly out of my price league but hey ho!


Sunday 19 June 2016

An Unusual Pairing

Now I am quite familiar with the concept of town twinning and have been lucky enough in the past to visit both towns with which Horsham is twinned. However, toilet twinning is a new one on me!

This hangs on the wall in the parish church loo. Intrigued, I've now learnt that this is part of a scheme to give people in poorer parts of the world access to clean water and latrines. A thing we take for granted here in the Western world. An excellent initiative I'd say


Saturday 18 June 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Actually I don't mind the rain too much but let's inject a little colour into all that drabness. You can see from the pictures that it wasn't actually dry when we popped over to Hever yet still all the colours managed to scream out. As soon as the sun peeped out from behind the clouds all of us grabbed the opportunity to have an is "summer" after all even if we are currently enjoying fairly typical Wimbledon weather!

More roses I fear....the many colour combinations and shapes excite me and I understand that it's been an exceptional year for them. Well that's my excuse for endless photos and I'm sticking to it!

There is something very pleasing about how raindrops settle on the leaves of the Lady's Mantle I find.

Water features abound in the garden along with a topiary chess set made from Golden Yew which is a nod to the type that would have been used by Henry VIII and a pig no less [a topiary one that is not a description of the King but having heard him referred to once as Jabba the Hutt some might challenge me on that one]

Both chums think I am a tad on the weird side and took great delight in pointing out whacky faces to add to my collection.

Even on the dullest of days Coleus never fails to deliver nor Heucheras. I already have a couple of the latter, but I am definitely going to get some more when we get to the replanting stage of our back garden as they are fare well in the face of my neglect.

A cheeky one to finish. I have another one with Guiding J placing her paw rather saucily upon the gentleman's right buttock! However, I shall spare her blushes by not sharing it here.


Friday 17 June 2016

Further to yesterday...

The EU post was written and scheduled before the events of yesterday unfurled with the senseless killing of Jo Cox by a madman. My thoughts are with her family.



There are one or two items in the British media about a National Referendum coming up later this month. You might have just have heard a mention or three in passing. By nature I'm not a political animal but I am trying to fathom it all out before I vote but for those trying to decide this will be no help whatsoever. However, hopefully it will inject a little humour into the whole process and make you smile!

Being a kindly soul I've provided the original to get you in the groove!


Thursday 16 June 2016

Jack's Land

Tradition has it that you should leave a part of your garden or farm untended to protect against the evil eye and stop malign forces. This patch of ground is known as the Devil's offering or Jack's Land. This is the latest photo of our garden redesign which Mr GBT has undertaken. He's now filled a skip with earth and the raised beds with soil. The gravel arrives next week and then the fun part...buying new plants. Which bit should we leave to free style naturally though...that has yet to be decided.


Wednesday 15 June 2016

The 'A' Level Anthem

At some points over the last few weeks I've found myself singing these lyrics as the teenogre navigates the sometimes choppy seas of exam taking. I had never appreciated how nerve wracking this is when you are the parent and you are standing on the sidelines cheering them on, consoling, reassuring, scolding them [no you can't go to the pub every night and drink copious quantities of lager just because you've just turned 18 when you've got revision to do tomorrow] and most important of all never letting on that you are nervous too. It's one of the best kept parenting secrets.

Tomorrow morning I shall mentally be in the exam hall next to him willing him on and counting down until he's finished. After that it's only two more papers to go and we can all breathe. To date he's had a few minor wobbles, but by and large he's coped well and has recognised when he needs to let off steam going out for a run or kicking a ball round with his mates....and yes there have been trips to the local hostelry and ale imbibed...just in moderate, manageable levels! Anyway here's "Another one bites the dust" by Queen. I'm quite sure it wasn't written with exams in mind but it seems highly appropriate in places!


PS Today is my third blogging anniversary. Thanks to all those kind folks who drop by for a read of my ravings!!

Tuesday 14 June 2016


In the light of the Stanford assault case last week this British way of explaining the issue around consent using the making of a cup of tea as an analogy is very clever and gets the point across.


Monday 13 June 2016

Passionate Purple

This is the first time I have ever seen a genuinely purple rose and I absolutely promise that I have not tweaked the colour in the slightest....I can produce independent eye witness accounts to corroborate my sighting honest guv! They are called Rhapsody in Blue and smell gorgeous.

I have been out to Hever Castle with a couple of old school chums...Guiding J and Quilty C. We're all busy so are never able to get together as often as we would like. Consequently there's been masses of chattering and eating of cake today. Although it was a bit rainy at times, that worked for us as it kept the crowds away. More photos of the gardens to follow later in the week but none from is strictly verboten! Please allow me to leave you with another photo of these beauties....can you tell I'm tickled pink!


Sunday 12 June 2016

What Pleases The Eye.

I have an exacting criterion for choosing what I will goes something like this......something catches my eye and then I press and point without the slightest bit of forethought or planning. Unsophisticated and spontaneous that's me and a constant source of amusement for Arty L. In effect it means you get pictures that are not high end [Mr GBT provides the quality shots] but are simply a reflection of what I like!

The area around Hampton Court is unhurried and you feel you can breathe. No chain stores...just a glorious range of individual shops run by down to earth people. We had time to browse and time to swap stories with those we met. Time spent chatting to the owners of Beano's pet shop revealed that the two beagles we saw were Irish rescue dogs from the dreadful puppy farms. One bounded over for cuddles whilst the other older one slept in peace on her bed in the sunshine. She still doesn't fully trust people...hardly surprising when you'd never been outside, seen natural light or been shown any affection until two years ago.

Detailing around shop doors. The tiles in the second image are the original Victorian ones.

A supremely bonkers flea market/antiques place...not even open but items stockpiles haphazardly up on the roof, in the yard and inside.

A 3D picture...with a love of miniatures the cleverness of this type of artwork was always going to appeal....not that I would want it but I simply appreciate the work that's gone into its creation.

A minuscule brass cat door knocker. It transpired that the owner was within earshot and heard me admiring it. She was very happy for me to take a picture and assured me that I was the first person who had noticed it. I am partial to door knockers and partial to cats so a combination of the two was always going to reel me in.

Finally and large I am not a fan of the garden gnome yet the funny ones cause me much mirth. If you don't have a suitable outdoor space to display them then a high up window sill is as good as any...I guess this could be called gnomemansland!


Rest awhile and smile.

I parked my ample rump on that there bench and followed the instructions on its plaque.  It wasn't exactly an onerous task to have to re...