Monday, 2 May 2016

Light The Beltane Fire!

One of the many advantages of being a member of Mythago [apart from the fact I am obsessed with it and have made some cracking good chums] is that you get to perform at all sorts of events. The annual Beltane fundraiser at Butser Ancient Farm is a new gig for us. I have been before, but in the capacity of being a Mummy with a then very small person [now the teenogre]. In the intervening years it has grown substantially.

I shall pop up a small selection of pictures of the site tomorrow to give a flavour of it but the spectacular finale is always the burning of the wicker figure. Quite a big chap as you can see and a different design every year.




Unlike the film I can assure you that there are no live sacrifices encased within it although I did overhear one woman mutter to her friend that she wouldn't mind seeing her ex husband in there! I think that's a whole different story!


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