Thursday 9 May 2024

'The Prince of Darkness'

 Many famous people hail from Birmingham and of the crop of names, Ozzy Osbourne, aka 'The Prince of Darkness', is probably the one most will be familiar with. Did I go and pay my respects to the Black Sabbath Bridge? Of course I did!

Ozzy's image has been captured for posterity upon one of walls in Digbeth along with a whole host of other stunning street art. This is what the area's now known for and it lives up to its name. It's only since I've looked at the photos here that I have realised that the former custard factory chimney is decorated and that in true devilish style that spout on the teapot in Ozzy's hand is a snake🐍 I find that I miss so much the first time round.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. More dancing for moi😁


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