Thursday 25 March 2021

Hogs and Logs

 You would think that as a fellow who spends his working hours making things out of wood the last thing Mr GBT would want to do in his spare time is do more of the same. Ah well there you'd be the 30+ years we've been partners he has always been busy designing and/or making something and more often than not it's out of wood.

Somebody has cut back several of the bushes near us on the main road and left a tempting pile of logs....somebody else might have bought one or two home with him from his daily meander. Now we have scattered as part of some informal log piles we've created for the wee beasties and these ones he's drilled holes into to make some more bee hotels. They're attached to the new trellis he made a week or so ago.

More recently I caught him with a piece of paper and pencil in his hand secretly sketching. He disappeared into the workshop and then reappeared muttering darkly about how he needed more wood [we've got loads, but it's all antique mahogany for his business so definitely NOT fit for purpose­čść] and where he normally buys from is currently doing trade only because of Covid. There was a brief hiatus and then he resumed his shed shenanigans. Now I have very own hedgehog house. It's all made from the wood from our son's old cot and a spare kitchen door that we had left over when we replaced our old ones [there's still an entrance tunnel to be added]. We've considered taking it to the recycling centre on several occasions, but we both felt that maybe one day we might find a purpose for it so it's had a stay of execution.

 I can only now hope that we might just get some prickly visitors come to stay. I haven't seen any hogs around, but we if don't try we'll never know eh!



  1. Hedgehogs are such a rare sight nowadays - it's so sad. Hope you get a resident moving in

    1. We had babies in the garden several years ago so fingers crossed. Arilx

  2. How cute is that!!!! It would be neat to have hedge hogs! We have been houses to.

    1. They are becoming quite rare, but I'd like to try and do my bit. Arilx


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