Friday 12 April 2024

What Aloicious Did Next

 After laying low for a few months Horsham's spoof artist Aloicious Shaftspole has been up to his tricks again. A 'what three words' hint appeared on his social media, so I downloaded the app to see what mayhem he's been creating this time. Having found the spot it took some hunting down to solve the mystery. Fortunately being an avid reader of signs on benches and a snouty old bird stood me in good stead👀😁

Hidden away on a tatty bench in a dark corner of the park was my quarry....there has been much talk of the rodent problem🐀 People keep chucking their food in the bushes and littering despite all the best efforts of an amazing team of volunteers who give up their time to try and keep on top of it all. I enjoy the way he gently pokes fun at the residents of the town. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend. This will be my last post for a few days as we're breaking free from Sussex and are off for a spot of adventuring in another part of the country.



  1. He'd be right at home sitting in our backyard then. Mr B operates a running commentary on ratty and his antics before chasing him back under the gate. I'd love to know where the wee furry bird-food thief lives.

    1. We had one living in our compost heap one year. Thankfully no more. Arilx

  2. Oh, how I do love Aloicious!


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