Thursday, 2 April 2020

The pleasure of treasure.

On the quest for things to do to keep me amused and productive I am turning up all sorts. A partial bottle of vodka [leftover from the vanilla extract I made last year] has already been decluttered into my son's room as it's not my poison of choice, but this find is by far and away my favourite so far.

We've all got stuff haven't we that we hang on to for sentimental reasons. In my case probably less than others as I am a regular purger. Small children generate lots of things, but I've long since gone through all the artwork etc [we have limited space in our small house and I'm a tidy person] and recycled all bar my favourites which are all stored in a file with a few extra bits in the loft. When I was extracting the board games I came across this which I had very carefully kept with them all and have no recollection of doing so!

My little map obsessed AS boy had created his own complete version of Monopoly based on Horsham even down to making a cardboard die. I had a real moment when I first saw it and called him in to show him. He just chuckled and said don't you dare share that on FB. I have promised not to so I'm sharing it here instead😁 I've put it back where I found it.



  1. I think that is great! I'm sending this link to my son and grandchildren perhaps they can make one for where they live....... That is such a lovely idea

    Julie xxxx

  2. That is an awesome find. I wish I could turn up a couple treasures forgotten of my children's childhood. That would be a victory.

  3. Brilliant! Like Kc'sCourt, I'll be sharing this with young families I know who are rediscovering board games.

  4. TYM still has an amazing knowledge of Geography. We've done the virtual pub quiz tonight and he got 9 out of the 10 questions right on that round! Arilx