Friday 4 November 2022

Fork handles


This caught my eye on the way to work yesterday. I had time between my clients to park up and take a photo. It took me a minute to work out what it was all about, but those of us of a certain vintage who enjoyed the Two Ronnies I only have to say "fork handles or four candles" and you'll get it. This won first prize in a local scarecrow trail over the weekend. Had I been here I'd have gone to have a look, but I was in the company of boggarts and giants......

An extraordinary day of dancing alongside the incredible Beltane Border Morris and Boggarts Breakfast at the Dark Gathering in Boscastle. It's a real privilege to have been invited and aside from Beltane who are a mainstay of the annual event, you only get asked once. I took the decision to not photograph the event bar these two hastily snatched ones [I was literally about to go out and dance again] as I wanted to drink up the atmosphere in real time, not filtered through the camera lens. If you want to catch a glimpse of it for yourself the organisers have put up a short video here

Have a great weekend one and all!



  1. Loved the video! Beltane Border were amazing at Beautiful Days! xxx

  2. The Fork Handles scene in a shop has got to be the best comedy clip ever. The two Ronnies never age.

  3. Sometimes putting the camera/ phone down is the best way to capture. The video is fun.

  4. It looks like a very exciting thing to be part of Aril. I may have missed it, but I would be very interested in learning about your dance group. I take it that it is something that harkens back to pre-christian worship of nature and reckoning with the changes of the seasons.


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