Monday 14 November 2022


 We met up with a local historian on Saturday. Last year I found an unusual [for West Sussex] church carving and I notified her as it was not recorded anywhere and this is one of her areas of interest. Since then she has done some research on it and had a short article accepted for publication next year. The editor had requested some additional photos so Mr GBT had agreed to help her out. This lady is a lively raconteur with a fund of fabulous stories and after we'd finished she shared this little gem.

One of this lady's friends lives in a very old and rather spooky cottage. She's been to stay there in the guest room which is up in the eaves and all the cobwebs and spiders don't trouble her in the least. One night though her friend was up there and as she lay in bed a little black human looking hand appeared round the edge of one of the beams before quickly disappearing. As you might imagine she wasn't quite sure what she'd witnessed and her imagination began to run away with her...thoughts of imps and all sorts. Looking again the little hand reappeared so she got up to investigate further. The mystery was solved....a bat had managed to get in under the roof and then couldn't find it way out again🦇 After a fairly strenuous chase she managed to direct it towards the open window and it made good its escape. I don't know what I expected the punchline to be, but it certainly wasn't that😁

The picture is included simply for amusement...I discovered where Blogger keeps all my old draft posts yesterday and this was in amongst them!



  1. I could not stay there! I heard that if there is a bat in a room, it might be assumed there was a bite. Maybe that's overly stated.

  2. Well my practical nature saw it as a bat right from the beginning. Perhaps I have read too many ghost stories.


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