Sunday 10 September 2023

Cat 1 Humans 0

You could sum up the past few days as a flurry of meeting different friends and feasting. It's all been tremendous fun, but no details to share. Hand on heart I am equally grateful that there was no dancing booked in either as I think I might have melted into my mask😳😵 Not being a natural born lover of heat I've learnt strategies over the years to help me manage it and I mainly stay indoors when the mercury soars, but it's been lovely to sit outside in the warm evenings. Somebody else is not so keen either, although he is a bit of a noodle and does tend to head out to the garden border at the hottest time of the day nor will he stay downstairs where it's coolest. He always has a favourite spot to sleep which he favours for a week and then proceeds to ignore it a few days later. Some of his chosen snoozing sites have been a little inconvenient.....behind the bedroom door and on the stairs are never going to be good choices when you're a black cat and it's dark. However, he has managed to top the stupidity chart with this week's choice.....

We only have one toilet....I have turfed him out four times already today, but I have a feeling I have not won the battle on this and he's already squaring up for the next round. He's a persistent little beggar. In a few days he'll deny all knowledge, but I have the photographic proof......😃 . Before you all feel sorry for him I should point out that the bathroom, with exactly the same lino is right next door and he could have stayed in there all day once we'd got up. Cats are such contrary creatures, but I love them for it!


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  1. Ah the twisty turny mind of a cat. My inny cat has perversely decided he likes the outdoors. I'm trying to convince him of the error of his ways, but he will come in, eat, and go straight to the door and yowl until he is let back out.

    I wonder if winter will change his mind.


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