Wednesday 20 September 2023

God's Own Junkyard

A short stroll away from Walthamstow parish church is the small Ravenswood industrial estate....or to be more precise a former industrial estate. You know that you're not going to have much luck finding tiles for your bathroom or a new carpet for your lounge when the units now look like this....

Now they house retail units that you're unlikely to find on any mainstream British High Street and an independent brewery to boot [I can vouch that the beer was rather good!] and this............perhaps you have encountered the rather extraordinary outlet which is "God's Own Junkyard". It was originally set up by the so called Neon Man, Chris Bracey [who died in 2014]. He created all manner of incredible artworks from discarded neon signs and gave them new life. There are many examples of his work to be seen on a large number of famous films. He also collected signs and an array of  other movie props which would have been thrown away otherwise once filming had finished. They are now all out on display and I am sharing a few images for you to get a taste of what we saw and experienced. Sometimes you visit somewhere the like of which you have never encountered before. This was one such place. 



  1. I spent a day exploring Walthamstow before covid but this place was closed that day. Thanks for sharing this with us. Lots of other good things in Walthamstow though.

    1. Absolutely. We enjoyed a trip to the William Morris gallery too. Arilx


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