Tuesday 16 January 2024


You don't need me to tell you that it's bleeding parky out there, but even in a parky park there was much to be admired and swooned over this morning.

This fellow is our park's resident shepherd who is doing a sterling job of minding his flock. Until a few months ago he was missing an arm, but I am glad to see that he's now sporting a new limb and he's properly wrapped up for the conditions. Via the recent publicity about him I gleaned that his dog is called Treacle. 

My primary motivation for choosing this route was to go and see the new living willow sculpture that's just appeared. However, for randomness alone this set of traffic lights lined and idling by the wall amused me. I have a similar reaction whenever I see lorries without their loads zipping along and once even we passed a fire engine on the back of breakdown lorry. 

Domestic cats who are much loved pets naturally have no truck with weather such as this. Ours has taken it as a personal insult that there is frost out there and is hugging the radiator for all his worth. Suddenly he's very keen on having a lap....he's fairly approving of the window display in the local bookshop, but think they've missed a trick by not having a black cat in that chair! 

Just before home the sunlight caught the frost patterns in the bus stop....it looks like someone has come and decorated it. Beauty even in the 'ordinary'.

In a week or so I shall be all wassailed out [until March, but that's a whole different story] and different adventures await.



  1. We're doing similar things to our willow at work - the trees are much younger but the one you have pictures is a rather handsome beast! Our cat has 'glued' herself to our woodburner....

  2. Love the frost patterns and the bus stop. That ginger cat looks very comfy on his chair, William would be on the rug trying to tear open the treats! xxx

  3. I hope that you will go back to that living willow sculpture in the summer when it is leafed out.

    We have lit our first fire in the wood burner. It is single digit weather here. Houdi was very leery of the flames flickering behind the glass. He got over that in a hurry. If he is not wrapped up next to a warm human, he is stretched out before the fire.


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