Monday 1 January 2024

A Rubbish New Year

No not literally...just an attention grabbing sort of blog title! Litter picking is what has going round my bonce today. There have been a couple of posts about people having been on or about to do beach cleans. That really appeals to me, but then I have to remember that I am well inland so it would be quite a drive to get to one so instead I started thinking about whether there are any locally organised ones. No sooner had the question been asked then I had my answer when I got chatting to a lovely lady on the free organised walk round the nature walk we were on. The second Saturday at 2pm for an hour at another local green space. I rather like tidying up and doing this is not dissimilar. I can't remember if I showed you this seal made from the beach pickings at Naze in Essex. Even though she's made from rubbish the makers have upcycled it all brilliantly. It gets the message across visually without the need to spell it out.

We really did enjoy our truffle around the reserve. It's been featured here on many occasions so all I have to show for it is Kevin the Pigeon. He's the one with the rather impressive fan tail and one of his offspring. What doesn't show up is the beautiful iridescence around his neck and the depth of brown shading on his plumage. 

Before I depart I learnt today that lichen is a type of algae. First day of 2024 and first new fact.



  1. When I lived in Africa there was a push to reduce littering, so huge wire sculptures were designed so that you would throw your can or bottle into it and fill the interior with rubbish (Like the seal) and in principal worked, particularly the ones near schools where kids loved the idea. Where it failed was once it was filled .... it remained filled and the litter returned.......

    1. Yes you need to think things through before you leap in.

  2. Kevin the pigeon is a handsome boy!
    Well done on your community pick, there's a few around here but I've yet to join one, it seems like a lovely way to make like-minded new friends.
    I've just enrolled on a (free) online course of Royal fashion throughout the ages and have spent a fabulous afternoon learning about codpieces and farthingales, every day's a school day! xxx

    1. I did a futurelearn course like that in the first lockdown. Might even be the same one. I found it fascinating. Arilx


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