It's always an added bonus when I spot these on the thatched roofs. Frustratingly I have very few photos of them as we're either in the car or I haven't got a camera with me. Thankfully Mr GBT was able to oblige in Singleton with a long distance shot. Had I been reliant on eyesight alone I'd never have seen the extra painted detail.

These lovelies are known as corn dollies and originated on the hayricks. They were lashed to an ash pole and the secured to the rick as both a means of identifying the owner and keeping both birds and witches at bay. Many forms were seen including boats, birds and crosses. Nowadays the fox or pheasant tends to predominate, but others are increasing in popularity. Just need to track a few down now! Another thing to add to the list of things to look out for eh!



  1. There are a few thatched roofs in villages local to where I live but its the first time I have ever seen this done before!.Next time Im there,I will take a good look because maybe Ive missed them.They look amazing!xx

  2. Hope you find some Debi!


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