Thursday, 7 June 2018

Tying the knot.

The phrase comes from a time when the clothing threads of the bride and groom literally were knotted together as a symbolic gesture of their union. Whether you're a fan of the whole business of getting married or not, hopefully you might enjoy the photos of some of the different styles of dress brides have donned over the years which I saw earlier this week. For me personally it was the chance to view the historical costumes and the workmanship which went into some of the gowns that I loved.

Regrettably I don't have any idea of the dates for any of this set. The hours they must have taken to make!

This very understated one is more to my liking. It's a Quaker one and dates from 1775-1810. The front panel is missing.

Turning to the modern examples I actually remember this 1920s one with pearl detailing coming into the museum when I worked as a volunteer there, so I can actually say I've handled this one [carefully I hasten to add!]



1970s and all the accessories. This has reminded me of when I was a bridesmaid in the mid 1970s. It was a winter wedding and my Mum made me a dress in a very similar pink with some kind of lace trim just below the bust line. Typically I had just lost my two top teeth so I could only smile in the photos!

This little lot bring us up to date. A couple of handmade bouquets with a difference and a rather striking uchikake which is a Japanese bridal kimono.

There were lots of information boards up about the history of marriage including the recent legalisation of gay marriage. This rather pithy quote tickled my fancy and seems a good note
on which to end!



  1. Great photos Aril....and that last one made me laugh!!.xx

  2. Where was this exhibition?

    1. Horsham Museum Sue. Sorry I didn't specify.

  3. Virginal white, or cream, not sure what to say except they are very pretty. Gosh you don't half get around ;)

    1. Most of my gadding is very local and often added into otherwise what would be a dull errand laden trip. My aim is to squeeze a little bit of excitement in wherever possible when I'm in the vicinity! Arilx


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