Monday 11 June 2018

All in a day's work!

Before I give you the wrong impression entirely one of us was working on Saturday, but it most definitely wasn't me!

This friendly chap is called Richard Vobes or The Bald Explorer as he's more commonly known. He makes delightful short video walks from different parts of the country [more from the South where he lives] and then puts them out on his Youtube channel. I first encountered him last year when he featured one of our town and then started to follow what he was up to. His work is intended as just a taster, nothing too indepth, but a chance to see some places you might never visit or have even heard about.

Through online contact I met him a couple of months ago and when I shared some wild flower shots he asked me if we could make a film. I agreed before I had a chance to find a reason not as experience has taught me that my anxiety will always stop me from taking the risk of doing anything new if I let it get a tight hold again. Admittedly I was very nervous beforehand and normally shy away from being anywhere near cameras [I'm always posing for photos when out dancing, but I am hidden behind my mask so it's not quite the same], but he was very good at putting us both at our ease. We shall see how it's turned out once he's edited the rushes [see I learnt some lingo yesterday!]. I did stress beforehand that I am very much in the category of very keen yet fairly rank amateur when it comes to all things growing wild. Thankfully we went back to Levin Down where I've been before so I was able to mug up beforehand. Between filming Mr GBT took a handful of photos to remind us of our day.

It always intrigues me how much colour variation you can get in a single type of flower. These tiny pink and blue flowers are both Milkwort.

Foxgloves. I know they're common, but what stunners.

A new one for us. Hop Trefoil

Marjoram I do believe.

Back to where we amongst all Milkwort look at what Mr GBT spotted.

If I haven't made a complete twerp of myself I might share the final version of the video here once Richard's released it in a few weeks time. I'll have to see how I feel about it!



  1. I will look forward to seeing the video Aril.I know what you mean a bout agreeing to do something....and then thinking..Oh can I do this!But well done.I bet that you had a lovely time.xx


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