Friday, 13 May 2022

Sick to death

 While we were waiting for TYM's grad we whiled away the morning at the recently opened "Sick to Death" museum in Chester. It was right up my street, but not sure Mr GBT was quite so keen as some of the displays were fairly gruesome. It was to be expected really as it is covering the history of medicine. It's housed in a redundant church so you get some good effects with the sun streaming in through the windows.

Hope you all have a great weekend....we shall be working. I might have hatched an escape plan though for a couple of this space😉



  1. I used to collect bottles like that and fill them with different coloured bath foam. They looked nice in the window.

    1. When I was a teenager there was an Edwardian chemist still trading in the town and it used to have the coloured bottles in the window. They always fascinated me. Arilx


Friday smile

 It's hot so it's just a quick offering from me today🌞 Have a great weekend. Arilx