Birthday boy

 For once my friend A's birthday fell on a Saturday and even better I was free [usually I'm away dancing]. When we met for our Beltane bash at the beginning of the month I floated the idea of getting together for a few hours in St Leonard's Forest which is on the far side of town because I know that for A, being in the woods, is his absolute favourite place in the world to be....chuck in a cup of tea, a bacon roll, some cake and some quiet spiritual music and he's a happy bunny. The weather played was glorious all day and we found a secluded glade off the main track where we could relax [his wife who is my very dear friend S was there too I should hasten to add] without being disturbed gave us the makings of a perfect afternoon. Here's one of the birthday boy himself and I swear that I have done nothing to brighten or tone down the verdant greens which surrounded us. Glorious isn't it. 

It comes as no surprise that we weren't the only ones who love these green woods. From afar I saw this odd shaped "thing" under a tree. I knew I didn't recognise it, but couldn't quite work out what it was until we got closer to it. A memorial to the legend beyond his lifetime, Tony. Both S and I liked the lightness of touch and humour of the words chosen to describe this chap. At the time I didn't know who he was, but I've subsequently done some digging and he was the owner [and himself a rider] of the nearby motorcross track which he had built on his land. Many speak fondly of him and the opportunity he gave to so many to learn to ride. Here's "his tree".

It was a special day spent with special friends.



  1. Happy Birthday to A! What a lovely way to celebrate.
    Tony's memorial is great fun, it makes you wish you'd known him, doesn't it? xxx

    1. Tony sounded a lovely man and made a contribution to many people's lives. Arilx

  2. More and more I appreciate the joy of good company and the simple pleasures of life. Happy birthday to your friend.

    1. I'm with you Sam 100%. Money really can't buy you the gift of fabulous friendships. Arilx

  3. You lucky beggars with all that green landscape.


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