Monday 23 October 2023

Famous Walthamstow Exports

Whilst Walthamstow might be famous for the 1990s band "East 17", it was news to me that William Morris was born here in 1834. He is a man I have always greatly admired both for his work, but equally for his thoughts about social equality and his drive to bring fairness to all. He was from a wealthy family and he all too clearly understood the disparity between his ideals and the reality that only those with money could afford to buy the Arts and Crafts goods his interior decorating company were famous for. Throughout his lifre he slaved tirelessly both for his business and for his philanthropic endeavours. By the time of his death in 1896 his doctor was to say that the cause of his demise was 'simply being William Morris and having done more work than most ten men'.  Part of my recent visit included a trip to the free William Morris museum which was his home from the age of 14 to 22. 

Below are photos from both the gallery and a few images referencing him around the area. If you had never thought you would see a footie shirt in a Morris textile then you have now. Even the toilet doors haven't escaped the Morris decor!

Over the past few weeks I've allowed the blog to become rather out of sync and seeing as I don't want to be hopping backwards and forwards like a kangaroo with a hornet stinging its backside I'm going to do a few posts in chronological order to get it back on track.



  1. We used to trade in Walthamstow a fair bit before Covid and always drove past William Morris's birthplace saying that one day we'd stay over and have a good look around. I'm very envious! xxx

    1. I hope it's given you a decent taster of what it has to offer. I hadn't even heard of the museum. Arilx



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