Gentle early Autumnal Meanderings

 I meant to pop back in last week, but having already had our anniversary shortly followed on by my birthday and the time just ran away with itself. It's been hugely enjoyable to be GBT based this weekend after a few busy weeks and we've just stuck to doing things within walking distance of here. We pottered into town to enjoy a local band playing in the town centre yesterday and strolled over to a nearby village today to enjoy their local scarecrow trail. It's been a few years since we've been able to do that because it's always clashed with the Birmingham shows. This is the first one we've not been to...we haven't missed the early start or tackling the M25 when it's busy and we're shattered on the way home. Just a few photos from the last couple of days capturing some of the late summer colours as we move into the Autumn months.



  1. Belated Birthday and anniversary wishes to you! Those displays are something else, they'd not stand a chance here, they're be nicked or set fire to! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix. Unfortunately some of them walk here too...I think the perp is probably wearing beer googles.

  2. They are really getting into the spirit of that.


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