Monday, 24 June 2019

Up with the lark.

Just a smidge over 29 years ago I had my first date with Mr GBT. Beyond it being a walk on the South Downs in the sunshine my recall of the day itself is somewhat hazy. The one thing which stands out in my memory was the skylarks above us singing their little hearts out and being amazed at just what tiny little pinpricks they were up above us. Sadly now they are on the dreaded red list. Thankfully we were lucky yesterday. Back in the South Downs we heard one above us and then it landed on a nearby bush [normally they go to ground] where it tarried a little while. It has been a pleasure to see what they actually look like.

I've found a little Youtube video to share of what we heard.



  1. I remember loads of skylarks on the south downs. We go up to the Dyke from where we live and the fields either side were full of them. I only mentioned to Tom the other day that there were no skylarks any more, you were lucky to see one and get a photo.
    I keep meaning to go into Saddlescombe village as there are usually lots of house martins and swallows there, haven't seen many of them this year either.


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