70 years

Enjoying a bit more woolly craft on my way home from work last week. I've seen a couple of toppers locally with her Majesty, corgis etc in wool, but the randomness of this Jubilee one was rather curious. Lovely to discover that it's been done by the village "Learn to knit/crochet" club who meet once a week in a room in the pub. I'm not an ardent Monarchist [not anti either], but hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you're up to.



  1. The little knit guards are adorable! I can't imagine what the festivities will be like in your country.

  2. Those beefeaters are adorable!

  3. Even a Yank such as I got teary eyed when the WWII warbirds made their flyover. What memories they must have evoked for HRM. * Drank some tea in her honor, of course, albeit not from the spout of the teapot.


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