Avail Yourself of the Ale

 Whilst I didn't cancel working over the Jubilee I ended up with Thursday off so completed the "joyful" task of defrosting the freezer and dutifully listing all the contents. Although that's given me a snapshot of what we've got in there and made the weekly menu plan a heck of a lot easier it hardly makes for a lifeaffirming, gripping sort of morning, so Mr GBT and I hatched a plan which would reward us for our diligence­čść It would be a disappointment to many I'm sure were you to discover that our plotting didn't involve a local hostelry [within walking distance of GBT] and a pint of locally brewed ale. Besides with such a tempting invitation as this on the A board outside who was I to refuse­čśÇ

In truth the pair of us don't do spontaneity so we'd prearranged to meet up with a friend to listen to this local lot of reprobates. The Okee Dokee band are hilarious. Songs which generally take the rise out of the irritations and quirks of of everyday life [like always getting stuck behind the slowest person in the queue at the supermarket, our obsession with exercise during the lockdown, the mancave] they are not terribly pc in our current cancel culture so you need a sense of humour. We all got given a free badge with the line of washing on that you can see strung out behind them. They played for two hours and if you were to ask me to describe their music style I'd have to say that it would be Ian Drury meets Ska with a goodly dollop of blues and reggae thrown in for good measure. What a great act. The fellow playing the monkey stick [aka mendozer, zob stick or lager phone] used to be in the same band as Jona Lewie [he of "Don't stop the cavalry" fame] and he co-wrote Lewie's other hit ""You will always find me in the kitchen at parties." So now you know....



  1. Sounds like our kind of fun - so where do we find them?

    1. Here is the man himself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlUaGxDuHrY&list=PLB973D576E504E84A&index=3

  2. The Okee Dokee band sound like the kind of band I'd love! You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties was used on an Ikea advert, I bet that chap did well with his royalties! xxx

    1. Yes I think he did ok out of it. He said he'd written to Ikea to tell them and they sent him a packet with two washers in it! Arilx


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