Terry Dactyl

 Referring back to a post from earlier this week here we have a very young looking Jona Lewie with our friend Keef Trouble on the monkey stick [now in the Okee Dokee band] when they played together in the Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs. They got to number 2 in the charts in 1972 with another of their songs the "Seaside Shuffle" which I regret to say I'd never heard of! Have a good weekend....TYM is moving out to the badlands of Surrey so he's nearer to London for work. However, I suspect he'll still be putting in a regular appearance at GBT. Just so long as he doesn't arrive with all his washing he's always welcome!



  1. Wonder if that look will ever return!

    1. Perhaps at the slew of festivals over the summer! Arilx

  2. Now there's someone who knows how to make a lasting impression


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