Thursday 2 June 2022

Going back over old ground.

 It's some four years ago since E and I paid our first visit to the local Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. E's suggestion of paying a return visit was a mighty fine one and it was just as magical as last time. I think it's the way that the pieces are blended so carefully into their garden surround which makes for a successful display, but still leaves space for all the borders and landscaping to shine through. No one element dominates or jars. These were the ones which appealed to me.

The garden limits the number of visitors on any one day [it's prebooking only] which keeps it as a very serene place to spend time in. Thanks to E having a card we were both able to benefit from a discounted entry price.



  1. Wow they are great. I have 3 clear favorites in there - fisrt one, the braket fungi, and the rainbow window. They are all great but we all have favorites right?

  2. Love how natural the sculptures look among all the plants

  3. I love those water droplets! What a great place!


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