The Rogues Gallery.

This week it was Mythago's AGM. As secretary I get the dubious pleasure of running it, but after a few years worth of practice as a former PTA chairman I've got it down to a fine art. 15 minutes later we were done. Post pandemic we are now starting to have some lovely new people join our ranks. A charming young Hungarian couple became members a few months ago. One of them is an artist and later on during the evening she produced a sheaf of papers and announced she had a gift for all of us. Laying the pile on the table she simply said we should look for ourselves. Here we have the Mythago Rogues Gallery! She has managed to capture a likeness of all of us very accurately.

This pair will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Sunday. After 29 years of being very happily married we're still enjoying ourselves and most importantly having fun!

Have a great weekend.



  1. That's completely lovely of the artist to share her talent That couple looks happy to be sure.

    1. That couple is us two....we celebrated by eating waffles for breakfast. So rock 'n' roll! Arilx

  2. That art work is brilliant - love the faces :D

    1. If you saw us in the flesh you'd be able to match the images to us. Her father was a cartoonist. Arilx


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