Tuesday 4 July 2023

The Green Garden

 A free afternoon and a gentle catch up with what's been going on in my friend E's life. Somehow five months have flown past since we last saw one another and neither of us are quite sure how so much time has run through our fingers. This time we fancied a wander around a local garden and whilst Nymans would have been the obvious contender, we decided to go to nearby High Beeches. Although it's not NT I've got my BBC Gardens voucher this year which gets us in for a reduced ticket price. It describes itself as a woodland and water garden. I think it meets the brief. There were only a handful of people visiting when we were there and the unhurried pace did much to quieten our harried souls. It's not a garden with eyecatching borders or stunning pieces of art....its beauty lies in the shapes and shades which fall across your path as you wind your way round accompanied by the hum of insects and crickets in the extensive wildflower meadow which covers a large area of the grounds. We were both very taken with it.


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