Monday 17 July 2023

Two photos

😆I was down in Worthing on Saturday....dancing what else I hear you cry! We sped from stand to stand and as I whizzed along I passed oh so many things that I would have loved to take a photo of. In the end I only managed a paltry two....neither of which reflect the nature of my time spent there.

I seem to be rather on a roll with cat related street art at the moment. This was on the fire exit near where we performed our final stand before lunch.

This building absolutely intrigued me with its galleon frontage. It opened as the Ship Grill in 1933 and was trading until 1984 before it reopened as a branch of the Bristol and West Building society and now it's a sushi bar incase you hadn't noticed. Originally it was all unpainted wood [it looked more realistic I think] with three stern lamps above which were removed for safety reasons a few years ago. There is more info and photos of it here.... All that said it's still a fabulous place.

Was the dancing any good? Of course what's not to like when you're dancing with 7 other Sussex sides and one which has come up all the way from Cornwall [the chap that set them up now lives here] with brilliant sunshine when there was heavy showers forecast and even a party bag at the end of it all! We didn't make it onto the pier though because it had to be shut due to the high winds. Ah well.



  1. I feel a bit drunk just looking at that store front!
    Glad that the dancing was fun! xxx

    1. It used to have portholes with water sloshing around in them....guaranteed to make you feel seasick!


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