Tuesday 5 December 2023

Croc around the clock

If I were to only show you the one photo below I think you'd guess in an instant what classic children's book the National Trust has turned to as the inspiration for this year's festive display at Hinton Ampner over in Hampshire.

The NT do this sort of thing splendidly. They started planning 'Neverland' in February and it's not difficult to see why they needed such a long run at it when you see the level of detail they've managed to cram in. The tree in each room has been decorated to reflect the theme of the plot extract for gawd's sake! To create the right ambience and lower the light levels the curtains were kept shut, so these are mainly Mr GBT's shots today [my camera doesn't do dark without a flash]. My one contribution is the page of the visitors book inside the church on the estate....I wonder how many of those who come will spot this? Told you the amazing folk creating all this magic for the likes of me hadn't missed any opportunity to add to the depth of the experience.

 Such experiences add to the value of my annual membership. You never know what to expect, but whatever it is you won't have seen the like before! There will be the usual number of festive related posts sprinkled throughout the month, but as always I shall continue with the non Christmas ones too. I mix it up the rest of the year and December won't be any different.



  1. Really colourful and so much work. I love the imagination and admire the skill - and appreciate a christmas theme that isn't entirely snow-backed red green and gold.

  2. That is AMAZING!!!! The funniest thing: I was watching Antiques Road Trip last week and someone bought a taxidermied crocodile. "Most ridiculous thing ever! He deserves to lose!" said know it all me. (spoiler: He made a profit and now I know who bought it!!!) What a great display. Can you imagine seeing this as a child??!!

    1. I'd have loved it as a child. Pure magic


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