Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Two nicks

I have somebody over on the Strange Things Found in Churches FB group to thank for this little gem after I'd put this rather head scratchingly odd image up there. It's a window in King's College Chapel, Cambridge and looked decidedly unfathomable to me. Now I know it as "the swan with two nicks" [old spelling of necks] which denoted the loyalty of the life long partnership of swans. As today's Valentine's Day [which as usual I'm studiously ignoring] it seems rather in keeping with all things love/relationship related.

Hope you enjoy your Wednesday whatever you're up to!💖


1 comment:

  1. Did wonder what it was. A double nicked Swan.hmm .... had my slightly random memory generator regurgitate a flashback of the undercover English spy being the French policeman on'allo, allo'..... not seem that programme since the 80s!



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