Monday 8 July 2019

The birthday boy.

So Mr GBT's 60th birthday has passed and we celebrated in the way he chose. This is what we got up to on the big day itself.

Over to East Sussex we went brandishing our swords and NT cards to gain entry to his castle of choice. First of all we had to get past the vicious wyrm....

And then tackle the Knight on our side of the moat. That plume on top of his head with the horse face makes him even friendlier looking....

Thankfully the archers had the day off so the parapets were quiet and the staff who normally man the murder holes were also conspicuous by their absence. No boiling oil to contend with today.

Just to ensure our good fortune stayed with us we dropped a lucky penny in the well before undertaking our quest.

One of the views from the top of the castle [I am not good with heights so I stayed firmly at the bottom on terra firma!]. Even if you are King of the Castle though if there are bats it doesn't matter who you are....entry is denied!

We spent a sunny day enjoying the delights of Bodiam Castle which to my mind is the perfect example of how every castle should still look!


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