Wednesday 17 July 2019


"Tewkers", as Mythago has nicknamed it, does quirky doors rather well I find....a small selection on our brief walk round on Monday morning before we had to return to Sussex.

The owner of the first one came out whilst I was admiring it....I complimented him on it and he did say they are rather fond of it. I can see why!

A rather more formal affair in its classic black and white combination. It rather puts me in mind of an Everton mint! 

There were ancient wooden doors galore with all manner of wonderfully carved dragons and beasties on their lintels, but this one won my heart. It's a 15th century example from the Cross House which nowadays houses a dentist. From a religious figure through to greenmen, wyverns, really has it all. However, as the adage goes about the devil being in the this case this is literally true when you look up at one of the spandrels for the devil is the detail! If you double click the image you might spot the dragon below with the head appearing from its backside. I completely missed this at the time, but someone has commented that the face does bear a passing resemblance to a certain political figure from over the pond who is in trouble apparently with his racist tweets this week! As for me ....I couldn't possibly comment!

That's it [famous last words] for my tales of Tewkesbury...please forgive me if the blog appears to start boinging all over the place in the next few days. It's not that I've been living the life of Reilly. It's just because I have been to a few places recently and am only just getting on top of editing the photos.



  1. I'll need to pay more attention to doors, I think.

  2. Oh those doors are beautiful!!!


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