Spending my holiday money.

This is what burnt a hole in my pocket whilst I was away.  My AA "Secret Britain" might have been published 30 years ago, but the content is still pretty current. I am lapping it up. As for the bag it winked at me and for a measly quid I wasn't prepared to leave it for some other thrifty soul to snaffle up!!

Thankfully with only a £3 outlay in total, the burnt hole in my pocket is only a very small one!



  1. Lovely bag!It would have winked at me too,lol.Great colours that you can use with anything you ware...just my sort of thing.Isnt it great when you can treat yourself for a small amount of money.I have been quite good since last year and only bought a couple of pieces...red velvet jacket,in Jan for £1,a couple of vintage CnA flowery summer dresses,£1 each, and a pair of purple and pink flowered summer ankle boots for £2.This is good for me because I used to come home with about 10 to 15 items...every week!I am making sure that if I do buy the odd thing,that it goes with at least 10 things that I already have.Your book looks an interesting find too Aril.Ive only bought one book this year and have taken a load of my others to the book swop stall in the next village to me...12 books in and maybe one brought home.The house is staring to feel a bit clearer now,which was my aim!.Its taken about 2 years though and still maybe another 6 months to go...But I will get there,without getting rid of my most prized items,that I would never part with.xx

  2. Sounds like you've been very disciplined. I have bought very little in the way of clothing, but yesterday a charity shop skirt came home with me!

  3. Lol,sometimes a bargain that you love is too good to miss!,I wish that I had never got rid of 2 Indian print wrap around skirts,that I wore every time i was pregnant..or maybe they dropped to bits in the end!.I never seem to see skirts that I love in charity shops...unless they are velvet!xx


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