Monday 24 October 2022

The Saxon Shaman

 For some time now I've thought to myself that it would be rather good if the wizard in Mythago's version of the Herne the Hunter story could have a specific kit. Up to now the character has worn a cloak. I hadn't ever got beyond that, but finishing off the Earth Mother mask earlier this year triggered a thought process. In my head I am the side's secretary, what I'm not is an artist. However, this idea arrived fully formed and I thought perhaps it would do me good to fling myself way beyond my comfort zone and see whether I could manage it. I mentioned it to our squire in passing with the caveats that there would be no deadlines involved and if it was rubbish it would never see the light of day. In true Aril style I made a tentative start on a design, hit a bump in the road and left the mask untouched for several weeks. However, I'm not a quitter and it was important for me to see this one through so after a rethink about how I could achieve what I wanted I gave it another whirl and this is the result. Rather than a wizard per se I wanted to do a Saxon Sussex shaman using original artefacts as my inspiration. We are a Sussex side and were one of the last Saxon places to be converted to Christianity.

The only trouble is that I now feel like I've finished, but there's all the hair and the front still to go so it's going to be a while yet before it will be seen in public!



  1. I've no idea why you claim you are not an artist. Your blog is full of the evidence of your artists eye - it is one of the reasons we follow you. This is fabulous and we hope it inspires you to do more. Xxx Mr T and F

  2. PS Tigger wants to know if the Shaman has a cat (or a hare perhaps) for your next project.

  3. You're secretly quite the pro secretary! x

  4. You are an artist - that is truly incredible! xxx

  5. That is so beautifully conceived AND rendered. Just gorgeous.

  6. That is excellent work!!!! How are you NOT an artist!?!?!


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