Wednesday 4 January 2023

Perihelion day

 Sunlight reflecting off the sea. Today is Perihelion day [from the Greek peri meaning near and helios meaning sun] which is the closest point that the earth orbits past the sun. It means that the sun will look bigger than normal except the big yellow thing hasn't shown its face all day🌞🌄🌅🌇 Every day's a school day😁



  1. I love that word perihelion. I remember learning something at university (as a complete aside from what I was actually studying) about Einstein's theories being able to explain the advance of the perihelion of Mercury, something that equations in Newtonian physics had been unable to do. Strange the things we (sort of) remember.

    1. It was a completely new word to me. Aphelion is when we're furthest away apparently. Arilx

  2. And there is another new word for me!


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