Thursday 17 August 2023

A moving tale

"Why?" you might well be asking yourself is she showing us a picture of a microwave with a pile of stuff. TYM is moving from his shared house into a furnished flat in another town next month [still renting] and due to the insurance on the property there are a few mobile items with plugs that you have to provide yourself. That in itself really isn't news. He has decided to buy himself a microwave, a toaster and a vacuum cleaner. Although his salary has increased with his recent promotion so have his necessary outgoings so he has to be mindful when spending. Only a couple of weeks ago I found out that there's a local house clearance company who are trying to improve the reputation of the business by not just throwing everything they can't sell into landfill. Instead they offer items within a specified area for free which you can ask for on their FB page. If they select you they then drop it off on your doorstep for free when they're working or travelling en route in your location. Last week one of the things was a working microwave which incredibly I was given and then this week amazingly I was lucky again and have been given a Henry Hoover. Lots of people requested it. It's been such a treat to be able to text TYM and surprise him twice in the same week and it's all now in his old room here. The company have a list of items they accept which go out to poor communities in Africa and they're happy to take any donations when they come to you to drop off. Mr GBT's bike [which was second hand when we bought it] is now winging its way on a new adventure. The whole experience has been rather life affirming and moving in all senses of the word.

Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. That is really impressive. I hope this company really succeeds in their business and social responsibility endeavours too.

    1. They have a very good reputation. Arilx

  2. That is an excellent idea

  3. It did feel like the universe was looking out for us. Arilx


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