Tuesday 4 December 2018

A Street Calendar

When the TYM was a small person I bought him a few of those chocolate filled advent calendars to start with, but soon opted for a fabric one with pockets that I could fill for him instead. Mind you the little toad used to scarfe down all the sweeties at high speed....there was never any spreading them out over the 24 days as intended! In a perpetual bid to keep my buying down I have streamlined my festive consumption year on year and this one of the first things I culled.

How delighted I am then to discover that in the classiest road in the town centre the homeowners have all come together and co-ordinated an advent window for each day for everyone passing by to enjoy. These are the first four days....I shall return to photograph more in a few days time. Just to clarify day one was inside our local museum. I haven't been trespassing! Father Christmas was built by the volunteers and he posts the letters.

As you might imagine this is right up my street!



  1. That's a lovely idea. I once made an Advent Calendar for my three and they did the same with the chocolate, so the following year I got the better of them, I put chocolates in the pockets on the day so only one pocket had anything in at any one time

    Julie xxxxx


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