Wednesday 19 December 2018


This is The Fox Inn in Bucks Green, West Sussex. It's a lovely example of a country pub, which for 364 days of the year remains exactly that. However, on Christmas day at midday a horse is walked through the bar. It's done to mark an ancient right of way because the buildings were once separate [one was the poor house] which had a path running between them. The path is denoted in the pub by a series of brick pavers which run along in front of the main bar marking it out. It has been known on occasion to substitute a motorbike and a sheep when there's been no suitable horse available! One lady brought her goat Daphne through, but she rather disgraced herself and had a goodly nibble on the Chrismas tree whilst she was there [ the goat obviously!]



  1. Sounds a great tradition. I am all for tradition

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. I read about it in the Country File magazine last year. Knew nothing about it prior to then!

  2. So that's where all those jokes about horses walking into bars started!

  3. How funny! What a nice building!


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