Wednesday 5 December 2018

Getting the chimney swept.

If you live in an older property and are expecting a rather plump fellow in a red jacket to climb down it later in the month, you might just want to get it swept before the big day.

Why might you ask? Well it could be harbouring a little secret like this....

A row of three cottages in East Sussex were found to be hiding a huge cache of worn out boots and shoes in and around the chimney space. It seems that at one time [if Wikipedia is to be believed!] witches were drawn to the human scent of the footwear and once they'd had a nose they'd be trapped inside the boots with no means of escape forever more. The practice died out in the nineteenth century. [seen at the Weald and Downland Museum]



  1. Our village had several witch bottles found during cottage renovations over the years. We found a tiny shoe in the partitions of one of the cottages we lived in - interesting :)

    1. For some reason they were most often odd shoes. Brian Hoggard is an expert in this field. Arilx


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