Festively sluggish.

Did you get wind of these illuminated leopard slugs which are currently lighting up the outside of The Tate?

These are the work of Monster Chetwynds and you can see them until 25th February.

However, if mighty molluscs aren't to your taste how about this teeny weeny finger nail sized snail which I saw for the first time last week on a sculpture which has stood in the town centre since 1994 [and only then because the local society flagged it up]. This denotes the work of sculptor Terrence Clark and is tucked away out of sight.

Perhaps not quite as cute as the work of Robert Thompson aka the Mouseman of Kilburn, York🐭, but I liked it.🐌



  1. Giant slugs outside the Tate, must see. When I was little I was told slugs are are the homeless ones as they don't carry their houses on their backs

    Julie xxxxxx


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