S-naff-LING a bargain.

At 52 years old am I allowed to admit that I've harboured a secret wish to own a naff Christmas jumper for some time now? Lord only knows why as it's a million miles away from my normal taste, but once in a while I like to go rogue. On my brief forays into retail outlets I've seen some examples which are rather classy and upmarket [with a price tag to match], but surely that misses the point? By it's very nature shouldn't the intention behind it to be as non serious and naff as possible?

As you might imagine I'm too mean to squander my hard earnt wonga on a new one....no I have just quietly bided my time waiting for another soul to tire of theirs or want a different one. I dug deep today and parted with three hundred pennies in order to purchase this lovely...I am sure TYM will delighted to accompany his aged parent sporting this ensemble during the festive period!! Perhaps a visit to him at work will not be on the cards👿



  1. Ha ha ha! Or is that Ho Ho Ho ! Fortunately that particular festive affliction has passed me by 😂 however, for a crimbly event last night I had to borrow in haste my son's marginally nordic jumper and hope for the best!

  2. sorry to disappoint you Aril, but I don't think it's naff at all. I'd wear it, but maybe that says more about me than I realised.

    1. Not at all Joan. As I say there's no good taste or bad taste, just your taste and my taste!

  3. I don't own a Christmas jumper, but I do wear whatever festive stuff we have at the shop when I'm there. We have sold so many of these jumpers again this year to all manner of people - one lady bought one just because she thought it was cute and came back in to tell us how well it had gone down with her friends.

  4. I almost bought myself a previously loved holiday sweater after our thanksgiving, but decided I didn't even wan tot part with my 350 pennies it would have cost. I hope you get lots of fun out of wearing it this season.

  5. Love the jumper. I agree why spend out for a jumper to be only worn once a year. I made a Christmas jumper once for me on an old knitting machine, my husband claimed it for himself I wore it once!

    Julie xxxx


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