Tuesday 21 May 2019

Feeling devilish!

I was on a break between dance sets, so set off at a fast pace to see if I could track down the water fountain behind the cathedral in Winchester and take a few shots....of course, I didn't find it because it was at the Great Hall! What a ninny....however, as I headed back to the others I overheard a woman rather sniffily say to her friend "Wherever I go today all I hear is bells!"....well that's kind of what you have to expect if it's the city's annual day of Morris dance. Her friend's reply made me feel quite devilish....

"Yes I know. It's SO annoying isn't it!" I simply couldn't resist giving the bells round my ankles an extra vigorous shake as I walked past👿

Despite all that we were privileged to be able to perform in the Great Hall. It's an incredible space with fabulous acoustics. It's not often that we don't need to amp up to make our big, noisy presence known. We were in our element. A few photos....not the best quality I'm afraid, but my dear little camera was struggling.

Details from the incredible huge gates built to mark Charles and Diana's wedding and the famous round table. It dates to the late 13th century, but was painted in the reign of Henry VIII...naturally he has ensured that he's been placed right at the centre. Being a bit of a heathen, I can help but be slightly reminded of a huge dartboard. I guess that's scotched any chance of me working for the Hampshire tourist board then!


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