Thursday 16 May 2019

Tickled Pink

I was tickled pink to see my first ever pot full of pink Forget-me-nots at Biddulph Grange. That close up is me being all swanky using my newly discovered macro function on my camera. Have only had the said camera for about 5 years!! I never was one to read instructions.....anyway back to floral matters and a little bit of related trivia for you.

The Forget-me-not is part of the Borage family and has,in its time, also been called Scorpion Grass and Mouse Ear [the Greeks thought the leaves looked mouse ear shaped]

Henry IV adopted the flower as his emblem in 1398.

It was traditional for German lovers to wear a sprig each so that they would remember one another when apart.

The flower only really rose in popularity during the Victorian era. In the language of flowers it came to mean friendship, remembrance and loyalty.

During WWII supposedly Freemasons moved over to the Forget-me-not from their standard square and compass design so that they could recognise one another, but avoid identification by the Nazis.

Nowadays poignantly the flower has been adopted by the Alzheimers Society.

We were spoilt on our trip out that day. Not only did I get standalone pink blooms, but a whole border of mixed blue, white and pink mixed together in a gorgeous confection.



  1. I'm now wondering if I have a macros feature on my camera somewhere.

    Love the mixed border and the forget-me-not facts

    1. It's been rather good finding belatedly that I can take close up shots. It's the distance ones I find so frustrating as I have to rely on Mr GBT and his long lens to do so. Arilx

  2. I love forget-me-nots, the blue ones are everywhere in our garden - I've even filled the window box of the Kinky Shed with them. Jacob loves them, he munches his way through loads of them - and they're cheaper than lettuce.
    Love the pink version and adore Biddulph Grange, we're well overdue a visit! x

    1. Jacob!! We've got lots too...they are so pretty and a great border filler. We really enjoyed our combined trip to Biddulph Grange and Little Moreton Hall. They're within spitting distance of one another and both open on a Wednesday. Arilx


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