Wednesday 29 May 2019


Frankly it's not everyday my friend tells me that I've just been "gongoozling"! And there was I thinking I was just innocently watching a narrow boat in the lock on the local Wey and Arun Canal. There really is a verb for every lovely chum Ice Badger and I were enjoying a couple of hours gently strolling along the banks drinking in the beauty of this local green spot near us.

At the moment IB is in training for a charity walk she's undertaking later in the year. This route has been one she's done on a near weekly basis since January and she's been amazed at just how much more you notice when you're revisiting the same spot on a regular basis. It's particularly been the changing seasons she's enjoyed with every month offering something different. Now the banks have burst forth with an abundance of wild flowers.

There's no other word for it...these young bullocks were definitely posing for us over the fence! We obliged and captured their best side for posterity.

Unable to resist the temptation we took a diversion from the tow path to investigate this mill. Nosiness pays...we'd have missed this enamelled sign otherwise. It will come as no surprise that I immediately picked up the smaller details running along the top and bottom edges!

However, we didn't stop and relax on this bench this time despite its kind invitation to do so. The pub garden was calling us too loudly on this occasion I am afraid!

The canal, along with its locks and bridges, has been undergoing a restoration by volunteers since 1970. The project is ongoing and ultimately the aim is to reopen the whole length.


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  1. We have such a wonderful language and really we don't use enough of the great words out there do we?


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