This lovely little fur bundle is called Pebble and she belongs to my SIL. She's doing the best she can and does sit in a rather startled manner when told to do so.

However, it's the staying part she struggles with a bit. There are just so many distractions which require immediate attention and send her dashing off to investigate. I think we can all forgive her though can't we because she's only 14 weeks old🐶 Have a lovely weekend one and all. I'm strutting my funky stuff over in Hampshire.



  1. Awww!Pebbles is a real cutie.Lovely little face!I love dogs,but with 5 cats here it would be impossible to have one!.My Daughters 2 Labradors are getting bigger by the day and I love taking them out.Hope you have a great weekend too Aril,xx

  2. Such wonderful trusting eyes.

  3. she is absolutely gorgeous.


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