Dorking Delights

 Dorking as seen through my eyes. My regular client was away so I took myself out for a day out. Had a wonderful time and walked a fair few miles. Many photos but I am restricting myself to only five things which delighted me.

One of a series of pre-raphaelite plaques in the parish church. It was not so much the composition as the colours used and in particular the gilded blue angel wings catching the light.

An old road sign curiously with the towns painted in different colours. The road which runs right in front of it is very busy so no scope for a close up of the front, but I liked that it doubled up as a water fountain which wasn't apparent until I walked behind it

The patterns made on this wooden porch and the original bell. I am guessing that you would have spoken into that tube thingy [note use of exact description] above it to announce who you were. Please let me know if I'm wrong [I know never been known eh!!]

Nowadays this painted building is part of a solicitors. Random head and wire didn't escape this particular paint job then!

Finally this knocks spots off any modern office block I've recently encountered. Stuffed full of details.

It actually proved quite hard to just select five, but this gives a good spread of what's on offer for nosy birds like me.




  1. Once again your acutely honed 'find the quirk' eye has come up trumps. As for the details on the office F thought similar thought yesterday as she photographed an old hospital building. Who will be photographing our office and apartment blocks 200 years from now?

    1. I enjoy finding the details of yesteryear sitting cheek by jowl with the more contemporary. Arilx

  2. Thank goodness you're a nosy old bird! Your finds are wonderful!

    1. I shall endeavour to keep my standards up then! Arilx

  3. Are those plaques by Burne-Jones? They're glorious! xxx

    1. All I can find is that they were made by James Powell & Sons from London who were better known as Whitefriars Glass. Have you heard of them? The name is not familiar to me. Arilx


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