Sunday 31 July 2016

A Nose Around Croft Castle

Now the interior of Croft Castle may not have done much for me on a personal level, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my excursion and it was not without a few delightful surprises.

As one with a love and an appreciation of the skill involved in both needlework and miniature work this set of pictures really pleased me.

A rather charming reminder of life from a bygone age. The castle's fire engine.

Moving onto modern times...I think this must warrant as a five star bug hotel. Any critters in my garden certainly don't get such plush living conditions!

Finally the Croft family tomb. Sir Richard and his good lady Eleanor......a sensible affair and much like other ones I'd seen before....or so I thought......

Except I thought I saw something slightly odd out of the corner of my eye and went back to take a second look....ta-dah....bonkers lions grinning like Cheshire cats and pulling faces. To my untutored eyes they seem totally at odds with the rest of the piece. Perhaps others think the same as me.

It doesn't matter how much strangeness I encounter and log on this blog I still am often floored and dumbfounded by what turns up!


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